The origins of the company date back to 1992 when Arkady Sp. z o.o. established a department outfitting stores in refrigeration equipment, which grew dynamically until 1998 and resulted in the transformation of the department into an independent company - Inochłod - Service sp. z o.o.

The main directions of our activity are:

complex outfitting of stores

We design, arrange and assemble equipment with particular emphasis on refrigeration equipment, ventilation and air conditioning.
Being our client you can count not only on complex completion of order, but also advice. We support our clients at every stage of investment, starting from design phase through delivery, implementation and service support during the warranty and post-warranty period of equipment.

industrial cooling systems

We design and execute systems for both fruit and vegetable processing industry, meat processing industry, etc., and for logistics centres. Experience in implementing such projects will certainly allow us to meet your expectations and provide the optimal solution, both in case of Freon and ammonia based direct expansion systems, as well as glycol-based intermediate systems.

Our "pride and joy" and a calling card - in spite of a market trend to develop trading companies - has become the service. With enthusiasm we have educated a team ready to support our clients, among whom we implement the new approach to proper operation of equipment. This is the key to satisfaction of both sides.

Today we recognize that we made the right decision.

We have over 400 facilities under permanent service control with a sales area of over 200,000 m2, including DH Tarchomin in Warsaw, PSS Radomsko, EKO Nysa, POLOmarket, PSS Społem Północ , KDSH Rypin , Piotr i Paweł.
Moreover, many completed investments within industrial cooling, among them POLOmarket logistics bases with a total area of 60,000 m2 and the cooling capacity of about 3.4 MW.

Thanks to the high expertise and experience of our executive and assembly staff as well as our extensive logistics base, we can guarantee a high technical level of performance and satisfaction.

Our potential:

  • 10 years experience
  • Polish capital
  • technological base built
    in collaboration with our own design office
    in Italy
  • 70 skilled employees
  • 5 cooling assembly teams
  • 6 service teams
  • 30 reputable suppliers
  • own storage and transport base
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